We get a kick out of people making funny faces, and we post nothing but funny faces pictures. Dumb looks, weird looks caught on camera, doesnt matter, all we post is people and animals making funny faces. Check back because we post new pictures every day.
  • Now Pick A Partner
  • Making Some Fun Faces
  • Omg A Ball
  • See Your Food Coming
  • I Fell
  • Tape Face
  • Back Away From Me People
  • Skater Face
  • Dancing Face
  • Crazed About Pie
  • Crazy Eyes
  • Two Different Sides
  • Ultra Duck Faces
  • Very Excited
  • Look Alikes Here
  • The Rhythm
  • Making Some Faces
  • Fun To Slide
  • The Looks Say It All
  • Nice Makeup
  • The Double Duck Face
  • My Horse Face
  • This Crazy Face
  • Best Ice Cream Ever

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